Deck Upgrades

3 Ways to Improve Your Deck for Summer Relaxation

Renovating your deck so you can enjoy it during the warm weather isn’t a huge task. Here are 3 easy ways you can improve your deck so you can entertain outdoors as much as you want.

Install Outdoor Lounge Furniture

Outdoor furniture has come a longPatio Deck ideas way, and you don’t have to settle for wicker or plastic varieties to enjoy yourself. Choose furniture pieces that have comfy cushions and ample space so you can lounge with ease. Many outdoor furniture sets come complete with a coffee table for including drinks, loveseats for comfort, and daybeds for reading that terrific novel out in the sun.

Get A Portable Patio Fire Pit

A portable fire pit is just what you need on your deck for late-night hotdog and marshmallow roasting. Since you can move your fire pit anywhere you choose, you can entertain in your driveway or backyard as well. You can also use your fire pit for keeping warm as the sun goes down so your party doesn’t have to end.

Refinish And Paint Your Deck

Over time, your deck will begin to fade, and with this comes silvered wood, weathered and peeling paint, and even cracks in weak points in your deck’s foundation. Scrape off all existing paint, paint your deck a trendy slate gray, stark white, or even teal hue, and finish the job with a water-resistant finish. This small task will prepare your deck for many years of rain, wind, and sunshine. A Local Tool Rental store can help this project stay in budget with sanders , sprayers , Pressure washer rentals and more.

Your deck becomes a focal point during the summer season. If you make your deck summer-ready, you are more likely to use it as the weather becomes pleasant. From decadent lounge furniture to a whole new paint job, you can turn your deck into an outdoor space you will love to use to entertain your guests all season.

Tips on Remodelling a Small Bedroom

Having a small bedroom is not a disadvantage, in fact, it is not the size that matters but it is about creating a good design and style. When you are bored with your small bedroom now, you can remodel it by adding a space or changing the arrangement of the things inside. Also, you can add functionality by putting bookshelves, storage systems and cabinets. In case a big addition of space is impossible, you can increase the square footage though building a bump out. The easiest way to remodel your bedroom is by changing the paint.

To help you on how to effectively remodel your small bedroom, here are some important tips to follow:

Tips on Remodelling a Small Bedroom
  • Measure your bedroom and make an outline on a graphing paper, make sure that every square is equal to one foot. When you do this, you can visualize how much work is needed. Measure all the things inside like furniture and other items to have a clear picture of how the room will look like. You can draw or put an icon of the all the things in your bedroom on the graphing paper.
  • Check the surroundings of your room. If you want to make it bigger, you can remove the wall of the adjoining hallway or room. Another option is to take out the closet or niche to the next room. Small rooms can look bigger by creating an illusion like putting a bay window to the outside wall.
  • The flooring and paint will make the bedroom seem bigger. Using light coloured paints will make the room brighter while applying dark colours can create a division; thus making the bedroom look smaller. Adding a mirror can also make it look bigger. A small bedroom can look bigger by creating optical illusions and this can be done by just changing the colour of your bedroom. Another tip is to colour the ceiling white because it will appear taller. To add dimension, you can add a wallpaper or mural paint on one wall.
  • Add storage. To have a lighter feel inside a small bedroom, you can remove the bottom of the bunk bed to have a loft bed then add a dresser, shelf or desk in the open space where you took out the bottom of the bunk bed. To create shelves, remove the drywall and they must be built between studs and more storage all throughout the room with the distance from the ceiling of only one foot. This will be for your collectibles or clothes. Another option is to hang baskets to place clutter and you can hang nets from the corners of the ceiling to hold other things like stuffed toys and animals.

Remodelling a small bedroom does not need a big cost; all it needs is proper planning and execution on how to make it look bigger than the old one.

Thrifty Decorating Ideas for Your Floor, Windows, Furnishing and Accessories

Are you tired with the design of your home but you cannot decide where to start? To give ideas on how to beautify your home without spending much, here are helpful tips that you can take into consideration:

Thrifty Decorating Ideas for Your Floor, Windows, Furnishing and Accessories
  • The floor. When it comes to thrifty decorating, the flooring can be the last thing to improve because it can be very expensive, in fact, it is like renovating a home when you will change floor covering. However, there is still a way to change the look of your floor, you can add a carpet to accent or highlight a center table or dining room. If you have a wooden floor, change the colour by painting it.
  • Windows. Changing the windows is expensive too but you can make them look new or improve them by making window coverings like drapes or curtains. This is one of the least expensive decorating ideas for the windows. Look for fabrics which are on sale to save more or sew your own curtain or drape. Also, add other affordable options to treat the windows.
  • Furnishings. Often, the existing furniture is hard to change because it would mean bigger cost but for affordable decorating ideas for your furnishings, you can change sofa covers or if your budget is too tight, simply exchange the furnishings from one area to another. For example, in your living room, replace the chair from a different room to have a new look or change the throw pillows. When you plan to have a new look of the entire house, think of other furniture which are not in use or in your storage area. This will create a different look and a new feel of the home. Also, rearrange the furniture and place them at the right spot. If there is a need to really buy a new one, shop around and ask if a sale is coming up or buy when it is sale season.
  • Accessories. This includes pillows, tables, pictures, lamps and more. Accessorizing your home is the most creative way to have a beautiful home yet spend less. In fact, these items can be bought at garage sales or second hand stores. There are thrift stores that sell second hand items but they are still looking fresh and new. When decorating, look at the house, walls, doorway and rooms, do they match or under and over decorated? Are the furnishings placed in appropriate places? If you have so many things inside, place some of the accessories in a basket or under the table, the walls should be even and do not use too many pictures on the wall or table surfaces.
Thrifty Decorating Ideas for Your Floor, Windows, Furnishing and Accessories

See, decorating the home with these thrifty ideas is simple, doable and practical.

Christmas Decorating Tips outside Your Home

This Christmas, decorating your home’s exterior with Christmas decors does not need to be expensive, with so many ideas you can get from the Internet, you can make Christmas decorating with high style at very minimal cost or nothing at all. This season is always the peak of the year, you can see that the decors are more expensive but if you are smart, you should have saved for this season, not just in monetary value but saving for great ideas. You can introduce the season’s spirit around your home with thrifty yet simple Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Decorating Tips outside Your Home

Christmas is fast approaching but it is not too late to surround your home’s exterior with decors. The list below will give you practical and doable tips:

Christmas Decorating Tips outside Your Home
  • Use decors from nature. When you use these kinds of decors like grapevines, it can save you money since they are for free. Grapevine is an excellent Christmas décor; you can cut some lengths coming from its tree and place it in your front yard. Grapevine can be easier to find when you are living in the countryside but if you are in the city, you can order a grapevine garland in online stores. The good thing about it is that it costs much lower than ordering artificial pine garland. Also, grapevine can be used not just for this season but all throughout the year in some decorative ways.
  • Use greens. You can use greens like those freshly cut Pine trees, other evergreens or sprigs of red berry or Holly producing shrubs because they can add colour. It is more refreshing to use natural décor than artificial ones, they add a special touch. Leyland Cypress, Boxwod and Arborvitae green can be additional decors; you can simply arrange them by bounding together with the use of twine and hung on your posts and doors as swags. Another idea is to connect the sections with floral wire to make a garland too.
  • Create your own topiary. Your neighbours will surely be impressed when you create your own topiary. Use tomato cages or form a simple and inverted cone shapes made of chicken wire. Then wrap it with your favourite natural products like Pine garland, miniature lights for added night time ambiance or create a topiary made of grapevine.
  • Before the season comes, plan for a theme all throughout your property to achieve a cohesive and classy look. For most people, they prefer to make the traditional Christmas look like white lights, focal spot lights or miniature light stands. These will make your home shining.
Christmas Decorating Tips outside Your Home

Adorning your home with Christmas decors like these tips will surely make the season more memorable and fun but never forget the true meaning of the season.

The Benefits of IKEA Kitchen

If you want to buy a kitchen, one thing comes to mind, buy it at IKEA. There are two factors why you should choose their kitchen products, they have a modern design and the price is affordable.

The Benefits of IKEA Kitchen

The price at IKEA is more affordable than any other company. Yes, there are some things that you do not like in the store but when the topic is kitchen cabinets, their products are excellent and they have a wide array of sizes and styles that everyone wants. Another factor why IKEA is the most preferred choice when it comes to kitchen products is the modern design and they are modular. You can choose from the many configurations and use them in your home most especially, they have a modern look. Also, they have frameless cabinets and can be easily adapted to flat-fronted and modern doors.


Some people find IKEA kitchen products like cabinets as sub-standard because they are made of particle board which is similar to medium density fibreboard. The affordability and the materials of the cabinets make some people suspicious about their products. However, to shed light on the issues, this article will explain some points:

  • Most of the company’s rack cabinet systems are made of particle board but cabinets that can be bought at thrifty stores such as Lowe’s, Kraft maid and Home Depot are also made of particle board. Having this in mind, you opt to buy kitchen cabinets made of plywood but until now, there is no clear reason why plywood is superior than MDF or particle board. The debate has been unending until now.
  • With regards to custom-made cabinets, they can be very expensive for everyone and it is not feasible. Custom-made cabinets can be cheaper at times than those sold in local resources but it will entail tens of thousands. When you buy at IKEA, the whole cabinet system will only cost less than $10,000.
  • High-quality hardware. Experts say that the most important part of the cabinet is its drawer because if something goes wrong like warping or swelling, it happens in the drawer. When you buy at IKEA, their drawers are made of superb hardware and solid metal that possess drawer dampers and Blum hinges for soft-closing.

The feedback of most homeowners who use IKEA kitchen cabinets is overwhelming and enthusiastic. The products are cheap but they do not compromise the quality. Just like any other stores or brands, they have limitations but at the end of the day, choosing IKEA kitchen cabinet is by far the best deal everyone can make.

Things You Must Not Store In Your Garage

When people talk about the garage, they think that it is a place where they can just store all their things. This is true especially when the homeowners had bought new things for the home, the old ones will just be placed inside the garage. However, this is wrong. The garage is not a place that catches all unused things because it is not big, the climate is not controlled and pests and critters outside can simply go inside. To help you, there are important things to avoid in your garage and make it a space for your car only.

Things You Must Not Store In Your Garage
  • Paint – This is one of the common items that stored inside the garage especially when there are leftovers after a renovation or a project. Paint cannot last long and it cannot be used in your next project because high heat during summer or falling temperature in the winter affects its quality. Also, the cans when placed on cement floors are going to rust faster compared to those placed on a shelf.
  • Propane – Some people store propane in their garage in preparation for the summer cookouts but it is not advisable because the place is not properly ventilated. If it is placed inside the garage, there is a possibility that the fume will ignite by the time the car starts.
  • Canned Goods – Canned goods should not be placed in a storage that gets hotter more than 70 degrees, this means that the garage is not appropriate for canned goods. When the temperature reaches 95 degrees, they will spoil quickly. During winter, the canned goods can be thawed but it can diminish the quality. The rule is, never store any kind of food in your garage because it can be the main attraction of rodents. The remedy is to place new shelves in your kitchen.
  • Refrigerator – By definition, a refrigerator is responsible to control the environment of the foods inside it but when you put it inside a garage where the heat rises during summer and colder during winter, it is not going to function as it used to be in a normal environment. During summer, the refrigerator will work harder to maintain the temperature while on colder months or when the temperature drops below 60 degrees, it is running less.
  • Open paper goods or stack of linens – Pests and mice love to create nests on paper or fabric like cardboard pile. If you have paper plates and cups, place them in your pantry and linens can be placed inside the garage but make sure they are inside a plastic bin.
  • Electronics – Television, computers, DVD players and other appliances are not advisable to be stored inside the garage since they can be damaged easily with extreme cold or heat.
Things You Must Not Store In Your Garage

If you have some of these items inside your garage, put them in other safe storage or areas in your home.

Classy Christmas Decorating Tips

To create a classy look for this season, one of the best ideas is to use natural decors, those that come from Mother Earth because they will surely make stunning displays around your home. You can combine natural decors such as grapevine, pine trees and more by creating them into garlands, wreaths and hanging swags. If time is not a luxury for you to make these natural ornaments but you want to achieve this look around your home, you can buy organic and pre-made wreaths everywhere. To help you, here are some classy decorating tips for your home:

Classy Christmas Decorating Tips


  • Use an old sled and fill it with bundles of greens and top it with red ribbon. This ornament speaks simplicity and sophistication.
  • Do you have a wagon or radio flyer? If you have, place it on your home’s porch filled with branches and clippings of Pine. Add white miniature lights all around and other decorative elements to make it more personalized. Large ornaments are good addition too.
  • If you have old trellis or wrought iron gate, decorate them by putting a wreath or hanging swag and adorn it with white spotlight.
  • Your old buckets, tubs, watering cans and galvanized pails are excellent containers to place your freshly cut greens. If they are old and rusty, do not worry, they add more character and make your theme a rustic one.
  • Make a grapevine archway on top of your front door and adorn it with miniature lights, this will create a classy and timeless look. You may want to place it all year round.
Classy Christmas Decorating Tips


The items you used outdoors can also be incorporated easily inside your home. The fresh cut clippings of evergreen and Pine can add fragrance, natural touch and festive look. Other decorating tips are the following:

Classy Christmas Decorating Tips
  • A personal favourite is using cut crystal glass in various sizes and shapes as holiday decors. Group them inside your home to create an aura of mystical interior. You can find these glasses in any thrift shops like Good Will and Salvation Army. You will surely achieve an elegant and expensive look at a very minimal cost since all of them has an average price of only $40.00 and they can be collectibles too.
  • Pick a motif for the year as your theme to make decorating easier and achieve a tasteful and well-thought of look. For instance, you can use green as your colour for the year and accent it with crystals and glasses. Also, add those silver balls you used in the past for a glimmering look.
Classy Christmas Decorating Tips

These classy Christmas decorating tips are very helpful for everyone especially when they are too busy planning for the season’s festivities.

How to Replace a Faucet and Fix a Washer and Dryer on Your Own

You may have noticed as you browse through the Internet, there are many sites that feature Do-It-Yourself projects. These are not limited to making new projects but also include repairs of your appliances and fixtures at home. If your faucet or washer and dryer are broken, these repairs do not always need to hire the services of skilled people. You can fix them on your own with the help of the Internet and even some stores that offer tutorials.

How to Replace a Faucet and Fix a Washer and Dryer on Your Own

The most common problems at home are broken faucet and washer and dryer. Two of the most important things that a house needs, knowing how to fix them means that you save money and it will become hassle free on your part.

How to Replace a Faucet and Fix a Washer and Dryer on Your Own

This article will help and prepare you. Here are some tips on how to replace a faucet and washer and dryer:

  • Replacing a faucet. It is very common for a faucet to leak, rust and the cold and hot lines are reversed. You must do something about it. Buy a new one and learn how to replace it. You do not need to ask the help of your neighbour or friend. First, clean the area under the sink, unpacked your new faucet and lay them everything on the counter. When you are done cleaning and preparing the new set, make sure that the water supply is turned off. After, unscrew the nuts including the hoses that hold the faucet and pull it out. Once the steps are done, read and study the installation instructions to decide if you can do it on your own. Usually, the steps are simple to follow because they have written steps as well as pictures on how to assemble everything. The most important reminder before replacing your faucet is to check the plumbing because this can make the labor more intensive.
  • Repair of the washer and dryer. There are times when the things at home are broken, you find it hard to replace them with a new one or hire someone to fix will stretch your limited budget. With this, having some knowledge on how to repair a broken appliance at home like the washer and dryer is a big help. You can ask the help of a store that sells parts of appliances. Describe the condition of your appliance so that the salesman can determine the problem. If the problem is only the fill switch and thermostat, these are very easy repairs; it is a matter of removing the access panel and replaces it with new parts.
How to Replace a Faucet and Fix a Washer and Dryer on Your Own

Knowing a thing or two is a very big help. It can save you time and money.

How to Decorate A Functional Backyard

Decorating a backyard is a challenging task because you have to consider a couple of things like the landscapers, sod and expenses. Fortunately, to have a functional and relaxing backyard, you do not have to spend more. There are simple things that you can do without breaking your budget or need a landscaper. Best of all, the decorating tips explained below do not need construction or installation of a sprinkler. By following these tips, your backyard will be transformed into an oasis where your family can enjoy.

How to Decorate A Functional Backyard

Add Plants

Most of the homeowners are afraid of adding plants into their backyards because they think that they can do it just once. However, this is not true, place your plants in pots and cluster them in the corners or just one pot in every corner of the patio. The recommended plant is the annuals; they are inexpensive including the pots too. They can be found in thrift stores or garage sales. For additional character in your backyard, choose the not so traditional pots like a pair of shoes, old wagon or rusted wheelbarrow. The bonus of using pots is that they can be moved and transferred around the backyard.

How to Decorate A Functional Backyard

Add Seating

Having picnics in your backyard without chairs is nice but for most adults, they prefer something to sit on. If you do not have chairs, try adding a bench under the tree and pot of flowers on the sides. The bench can be made by yourself, you can look for do-it-yourself tips and if you have enough resources, you can purchase a patio set to enhance it.

Neatness Counts

To make your backyard functional that exudes peace, keep it neat. The simplest backyard is more beautiful when it is clean, free of debris and weeds. Also, pull the weeds regularly and remove all garbage. Then, finish the area with gravel, beauty bark or other kinds of groundcover. This is inexpensive yet your backyard will look neat, crisp and peaceful. In addition, try to delineate the borders by adding rocks, patio stones or bricks.

How to Decorate A Functional Backyard

Place for Children

When you have children, create a space for them like building a storage shed or a play house so that their toys will not scatter everywhere. In effect, your backyard will be clean and the presence of a cute architecture is a plus factor. Also, put a conversation piece where both the children and adults will have a designated place to exchange thoughts and meals.

How to Decorate A Functional Backyard

Making your backyard functional at the same time peaceful only needs additional plants, seats and areas where the family members and guests can enjoy each other’s company.

DIY Repairs Can Help You Save Money

With household budgets being stretched because of job loss and the slow economy, the people are looking for means to save money. One of the ways to save money is the DIY projects and DIY repairs of the things they have at home. Today, improvement and repairs can be done by you and the people are more aware to get their joining ranks and screwdrivers. In addition, there are many websites that help people on how to create DIY projects ad repairs. According to statistics, about 67% of the homeowners consider home improvement projects on their own.

DIY Repairs Can Help You Save Money

Making a DIY approach does not mean that you are alone in making the project; you can tap the expertise of many excellent skilled workers for advice, stores that conduct workshops and tips on the Internet. You can save thousands of dollars if you are going to adopt the mentality of DIY. What you need are the necessary tools and problem solving approaches. Are you ready to repair your own things at home? Here are some projects that can help you save money:

DIY Repairs Can Help You Save Money
  1. Repairing a dishwasher. Have you experienced that your dishwasher stopped and you cannot get a technician because of the weather condition? You would not want to have a broken dishwasher for a couple of days. This experience will make you wish that you have the skills to fix but for some people, they do not just sit and wait, they will try to fix it by themselves. This is the time to ask the help of Google by typing the keyword “dishwasher not emptying” together with the brand name of your dishwasher. Go through some pages of the results and you can look for a solution to your problem. The most common problem is the clogging of the drain line. By simply unscrewing the drain cover, check if there are obstructions and remove them. Your dishwasher will work again. By doing this repair on your own, you can save about $80 to $140 for the diagnostic fee and repair. The difficulty of the project is only 1 out of 5.
  2. Fixing a freezer. When you are faced with a freezer that does not cool, this repair can be done by yourself with the help of many online sites that specializes in appliance repair like and You can various problems of freezers and how they can be fixed. One of the most common problems is the freezer’s fan; you can simply order a new one from the manufacturer and replace the old one. In just 10 minutes, the problem can be solved. By doing this on your own, you will save a lot.
  3. Landscaping repairs. Keeping up with your landscaping , trimming , mowing lawn doesnt have to be to expensive. You can rent at lowes lawn mower rental 

Making your own projects and repairs at home is easy with so many online sites that can help you and it the best thing about it is that you can save more money.