Classy Christmas Decorating Tips

To create a classy look for this season, one of the best ideas is to use natural decors, those that come from Mother Earth because they will surely make stunning displays around your home. You can combine natural decors such as grapevine, pine trees and more by creating them into garlands, wreaths and hanging swags. If time is not a luxury for you to make these natural ornaments but you want to achieve this look around your home, you can buy organic and pre-made wreaths everywhere. To help you, here are some classy decorating tips for your home:

Classy Christmas Decorating Tips


  • Use an old sled and fill it with bundles of greens and top it with red ribbon. This ornament speaks simplicity and sophistication.
  • Do you have a wagon or radio flyer? If you have, place it on your home’s porch filled with branches and clippings of Pine. Add white miniature lights all around and other decorative elements to make it more personalized. Large ornaments are good addition too.
  • If you have old trellis or wrought iron gate, decorate them by putting a wreath or hanging swag and adorn it with white spotlight.
  • Your old buckets, tubs, watering cans and galvanized pails are excellent containers to place your freshly cut greens. If they are old and rusty, do not worry, they add more character and make your theme a rustic one.
  • Make a grapevine archway on top of your front door and adorn it with miniature lights, this will create a classy and timeless look. You may want to place it all year round.
Classy Christmas Decorating Tips


The items you used outdoors can also be incorporated easily inside your home. The fresh cut clippings of evergreen and Pine can add fragrance, natural touch and festive look. Other decorating tips are the following:

Classy Christmas Decorating Tips
  • A personal favourite is using cut crystal glass in various sizes and shapes as holiday decors. Group them inside your home to create an aura of mystical interior. You can find these glasses in any thrift shops like Good Will and Salvation Army. You will surely achieve an elegant and expensive look at a very minimal cost since all of them has an average price of only $40.00 and they can be collectibles too.
  • Pick a motif for the year as your theme to make decorating easier and achieve a tasteful and well-thought of look. For instance, you can use green as your colour for the year and accent it with crystals and glasses. Also, add those silver balls you used in the past for a glimmering look.
Classy Christmas Decorating Tips

These classy Christmas decorating tips are very helpful for everyone especially when they are too busy planning for the season’s festivities.

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