Part 1: Thrifty Decorating Tips

When budget is tight, decorating can be the last thing in mind. However, making your home beautiful is possible with some thrifty decorating tips. Everyone dreams of having a well-decorated home without spending so much money. Hiring a professional decorator is expensive too except for those who have more resources. This can be a hindrance but in reality, a home can be beautiful without spending thousands of dollars for example, when you visit a friend’s home and you have the same job but her home is so inviting. This means that you can still achieve it; all you need is proper planning, time and motivation.

Part 1: Thrifty Decorating Tips

If you have a problem where to start decorating and want to have a different look by changing the décor or colour of your home, this article may be a light in the tunnel. Follow these simple tips:

  • You should have a plan. For instance, you have to think about the kind of decorating style whether cabin, country, eclectic, contemporary, south western or anything you prefer. If you do not know where to begin, be inspired by looking through magazines or browse the internet for inspiration. After doing this yet you are still uncertain of what to do, start small. Start a project with your room or your kid’s room. Once you get started, you will realize that you are good at decorating.
  • The next step is to choose the colours.
  • Third, remove unnecessary things and clutter in your home. As you see in television shows that tackle about decorating, they begin by clearing the room or the whole house because a blank room is a good way to start. If you find it very tiring to clear the whole house or room, just declutter.
  • The walls. Do not be afraid to colour your walls even if you are merely leasing or renting a house. Generally, you can paint the house as long as you have an agreement that you can change the colour and bring back to its original by the time you move out. Start painting with just one wall and it should be the focal point of your house. In case you are not allowed to paint, use wallpaper that can be easily pasted and peeled but if it is expensive, use decals instead. You can add a border or decorate the whole wall.
Part 1: Thrifty Decorating Tips

Based on the tips, decorating a home needs planning and your time but you can achieve a beautiful home without spending much. All you need is an inspiration and motivation to act the plan.

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