The Benefits of IKEA Kitchen

If you want to buy a kitchen, one thing comes to mind, buy it at IKEA. There are two factors why you should choose their kitchen products, they have a modern design and the price is affordable.

The Benefits of IKEA Kitchen

The price at IKEA is more affordable than any other company. Yes, there are some things that you do not like in the store but when the topic is kitchen cabinets, their products are excellent and they have a wide array of sizes and styles that everyone wants. Another factor why IKEA is the most preferred choice when it comes to kitchen products is the modern design and they are modular. You can choose from the many configurations and use them in your home most especially, they have a modern look. Also, they have frameless cabinets and can be easily adapted to flat-fronted and modern doors.


Some people find IKEA kitchen products like cabinets as sub-standard because they are made of particle board which is similar to medium density fibreboard. The affordability and the materials of the cabinets make some people suspicious about their products. However, to shed light on the issues, this article will explain some points:

  • Most of the company’s rack cabinet systems are made of particle board but cabinets that can be bought at thrifty stores such as Lowe’s, Kraft maid and Home Depot are also made of particle board. Having this in mind, you opt to buy kitchen cabinets made of plywood but until now, there is no clear reason why plywood is superior than MDF or particle board. The debate has been unending until now.
  • With regards to custom-made cabinets, they can be very expensive for everyone and it is not feasible. Custom-made cabinets can be cheaper at times than those sold in local resources but it will entail tens of thousands. When you buy at IKEA, the whole cabinet system will only cost less than $10,000.
  • High-quality hardware. Experts say that the most important part of the cabinet is its drawer because if something goes wrong like warping or swelling, it happens in the drawer. When you buy at IKEA, their drawers are made of superb hardware and solid metal that possess drawer dampers and Blum hinges for soft-closing.

The feedback of most homeowners who use IKEA kitchen cabinets is overwhelming and enthusiastic. The products are cheap but they do not compromise the quality. Just like any other stores or brands, they have limitations but at the end of the day, choosing IKEA kitchen cabinet is by far the best deal everyone can make.

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