Things You Must Not Store In Your Garage

When people talk about the garage, they think that it is a place where they can just store all their things. This is true especially when the homeowners had bought new things for the home, the old ones will just be placed inside the garage. However, this is wrong. The garage is not a place that catches all unused things because it is not big, the climate is not controlled and pests and critters outside can simply go inside. To help you, there are important things to avoid in your garage and make it a space for your car only.

Things You Must Not Store In Your Garage
  • Paint – This is one of the common items that stored inside the garage especially when there are leftovers after a renovation or a project. Paint cannot last long and it cannot be used in your next project because high heat during summer or falling temperature in the winter affects its quality. Also, the cans when placed on cement floors are going to rust faster compared to those placed on a shelf.
  • Propane – Some people store propane in their garage in preparation for the summer cookouts but it is not advisable because the place is not properly ventilated. If it is placed inside the garage, there is a possibility that the fume will ignite by the time the car starts.
  • Canned Goods – Canned goods should not be placed in a storage that gets hotter more than 70 degrees, this means that the garage is not appropriate for canned goods. When the temperature reaches 95 degrees, they will spoil quickly. During winter, the canned goods can be thawed but it can diminish the quality. The rule is, never store any kind of food in your garage because it can be the main attraction of rodents. The remedy is to place new shelves in your kitchen.
  • Refrigerator – By definition, a refrigerator is responsible to control the environment of the foods inside it but when you put it inside a garage where the heat rises during summer and colder during winter, it is not going to function as it used to be in a normal environment. During summer, the refrigerator will work harder to maintain the temperature while on colder months or when the temperature drops below 60 degrees, it is running less.
  • Open paper goods or stack of linens – Pests and mice love to create nests on paper or fabric like cardboard pile. If you have paper plates and cups, place them in your pantry and linens can be placed inside the garage but make sure they are inside a plastic bin.
  • Electronics – Television, computers, DVD players and other appliances are not advisable to be stored inside the garage since they can be damaged easily with extreme cold or heat.
Things You Must Not Store In Your Garage

If you have some of these items inside your garage, put them in other safe storage or areas in your home.

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