Thrifty Decorating Ideas for Your Floor, Windows, Furnishing and Accessories

Are you tired with the design of your home but you cannot decide where to start? To give ideas on how to beautify your home without spending much, here are helpful tips that you can take into consideration:

Thrifty Decorating Ideas for Your Floor, Windows, Furnishing and Accessories
  • The floor. When it comes to thrifty decorating, the flooring can be the last thing to improve because it can be very expensive, in fact, it is like renovating a home when you will change floor covering. However, there is still a way to change the look of your floor, you can add a carpet to accent or highlight a center table or dining room. If you have a wooden floor, change the colour by painting it.
  • Windows. Changing the windows is expensive too but you can make them look new or improve them by making window coverings like drapes or curtains. This is one of the least expensive decorating ideas for the windows. Look for fabrics which are on sale to save more or sew your own curtain or drape. Also, add other affordable options to treat the windows.
  • Furnishings. Often, the existing furniture is hard to change because it would mean bigger cost but for affordable decorating ideas for your furnishings, you can change sofa covers or if your budget is too tight, simply exchange the furnishings from one area to another. For example, in your living room, replace the chair from a different room to have a new look or change the throw pillows. When you plan to have a new look of the entire house, think of other furniture which are not in use or in your storage area. This will create a different look and a new feel of the home. Also, rearrange the furniture and place them at the right spot. If there is a need to really buy a new one, shop around and ask if a sale is coming up or buy when it is sale season.
  • Accessories. This includes pillows, tables, pictures, lamps and more. Accessorizing your home is the most creative way to have a beautiful home yet spend less. In fact, these items can be bought at garage sales or second hand stores. There are thrift stores that sell second hand items but they are still looking fresh and new. When decorating, look at the house, walls, doorway and rooms, do they match or under and over decorated? Are the furnishings placed in appropriate places? If you have so many things inside, place some of the accessories in a basket or under the table, the walls should be even and do not use too many pictures on the wall or table surfaces.
Thrifty Decorating Ideas for Your Floor, Windows, Furnishing and Accessories

See, decorating the home with these thrifty ideas is simple, doable and practical.

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