Tips on Remodelling a Small Bedroom

Having a small bedroom is not a disadvantage, in fact, it is not the size that matters but it is about creating a good design and style. When you are bored with your small bedroom now, you can remodel it by adding a space or changing the arrangement of the things inside. Also, you can add functionality by putting bookshelves, storage systems and cabinets. In case a big addition of space is impossible, you can increase the square footage though building a bump out. The easiest way to remodel your bedroom is by changing the paint.

To help you on how to effectively remodel your small bedroom, here are some important tips to follow:

Tips on Remodelling a Small Bedroom
  • Measure your bedroom and make an outline on a graphing paper, make sure that every square is equal to one foot. When you do this, you can visualize how much work is needed. Measure all the things inside like furniture and other items to have a clear picture of how the room will look like. You can draw or put an icon of the all the things in your bedroom on the graphing paper.
  • Check the surroundings of your room. If you want to make it bigger, you can remove the wall of the adjoining hallway or room. Another option is to take out the closet or niche to the next room. Small rooms can look bigger by creating an illusion like putting a bay window to the outside wall.
  • The flooring and paint will make the bedroom seem bigger. Using light coloured paints will make the room brighter while applying dark colours can create a division; thus making the bedroom look smaller. Adding a mirror can also make it look bigger. A small bedroom can look bigger by creating optical illusions and this can be done by just changing the colour of your bedroom. Another tip is to colour the ceiling white because it will appear taller. To add dimension, you can add a wallpaper or mural paint on one wall.
  • Add storage. To have a lighter feel inside a small bedroom, you can remove the bottom of the bunk bed to have a loft bed then add a dresser, shelf or desk in the open space where you took out the bottom of the bunk bed. To create shelves, remove the drywall and they must be built between studs and more storage all throughout the room with the distance from the ceiling of only one foot. This will be for your collectibles or clothes. Another option is to hang baskets to place clutter and you can hang nets from the corners of the ceiling to hold other things like stuffed toys and animals.

Remodelling a small bedroom does not need a big cost; all it needs is proper planning and execution on how to make it look bigger than the old one.

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